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Frequently Asked Questions

Can specific animals/buildings be requested?

Yes, specific animals or buildings can be requested.  Please send me an email to submit a request.  You can also request that an email be sent to you when the drawing is available for purchase.

Are the originals for sale?

Yes, some of the originals are for sale.  Here is the list of pieces that are available.  Please contact the artist for more information. 

Can custom sized prints be ordered?

In most cases custom sizes can be ordered.  For a price quote please contact the artist with your specific needs.  With some sizes a minimum order may be required.

Can the drawing be altered?

Yes, in some cases the drawings can be changed to fit the clients needs (background added/removed, images flipped, colors altered, etc. Here's an example of an image changed to suit the project

Can the images be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, all of the images can be used for commercial purposes such as logos, flyers, business cards and websites.  High and low resolution versions can be purchased and downloaded directly from the web.  Visit http://www.inkart.net/stock  to purchase and download the images. Please be sure to read the license agreement first.

I'm an educator and/or work for an environmental/non-profit.  Can I use the images for free or at a discount?

Yes.  Permission is already granted to use the images for any personal or academic purpose as well as any non-profit or environmental groups.  In all cases the image should be clearly credited with 2008 Roger Hall (not required for school projects.)  If the images are used on a website a link to http://www.inkart.net would be appreciated.

How much does a custom illustration cost and how long does it take to complete?

The price depends on the size and complexity of the image, turn around time as well as copyright requirements. Should the client not need exclusive rights to the image the fee for an illustration would be in the area $200-400 USD. Discounts are given for large commissions involving more than 5 drawings. Generally a custom illustration takes between 2-5 days to complete. A rush job can be turned around in 24 hours.  Please visit the custom illustration page for more information or call 1800 913-7906

Are the items available to purchase wholesale?

Unframed prints, postcards and magnets can be purchased wholesale.  Please 1 800 913-7906 for pricing

How long does a drawing take?

The average drawing generally takes between ten and thirty hours to complete depending on it's size and complexity.

Do you work from photos?

Generally yes, although changes are usually made to either the position or composition of the image.

I have found a photo has been used as a basis for a drawing without my permission.  What should I do?

The images on this site have all been created with permission from the owner of the original photographer. If you have a copyrighted image that I have used without your permission please contact me immediately to discuss a resolution.

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