Custom Line Art and Full Color Illustration

If you don't find the animal you're looking for in the stock illustration library you can have a plant, animal or building special ordered. Generally a custom illustration can be created in 2-4 days. Price varies depending on subject and required turn around time. Large projects or small projects are both considered.

For information please call Roger at 1 (800) 913-7906 or send him an email for a price quote or for more information.

When I first began doing commercial illustration I had specialized in architecture, most commonly drawing houses for private clients. I spent several years doing this before transitioning into subjects of the natural world, such as animals and plants. Most of the images you will find on this site were created for various reasons; often I just have an affinity for the animal or building. Sometimes something is suggested by my friends or via email from someone who has found the site. A few of these images (usually noted underneath the drawing) are commissioned by companies or private clients who need a specific plant, animal or building for a project or some other purpose such as a magazine article, book, website, signage, educational purposes or something similar. Sometimes the client needs exclusive rights to the image, and it would be displayed here only as a portfolio piece. More commonly however, when a piece of art is commissioned, I negotiate the price with the client in order to maintain the copyright to the image. That way the client gets a reduced price and I'm able to add the image to the library.