Domestic Farm Animals or Livestock Line Art & Full Color Illustration

Highly detailed livestock illustrations of original drawings

domestic and farm animal fine art prints

Accurate drawings of various species of domestic animals that live on farms. All illustrations are hand drawn and expertly rendered. In the gallery is the Appaloosa Horse, Cotswold Sheep, Domestic Duck, Domestic Donkey, Domestic Goat, Easter Eggers Chicken, Holstein Cow, Pinto Horse, Rabbit, and Saddlebag Pig. High quality prints made on acid-free archival paper are available of all drawings in the gallery. If you do not see the domestic or farm animal you're looking for please contact the artist to make a suggestion. Custom illustrations of specific animals can be ordered as well. For more information and pricing please call 1 (800) 913-7906 or send an to the artist

The wildlife drawings are also available for stock art illustration..

Appaloosa Horse fine art illustration
Appaloosa Horse Art Illustration
Bantam Chicken with chicks fine art illustration
Bantam Chicken Art Illustration
Cotswold Sheep fine art illustration
Cotswold Sheep Art Illustration
Domestic Duck fine art illustration
Domestic Duck Art Illustration
Domestic Donkey fine art illustration
Domestic Donkey Art Illustration
Domestic Goat fine art illustration
Domestic Goat Art Illustration
Domestic Llama fine art illustration
Domestic Llama Art Illustration
Domestic Rabbit pen and ink illustration
Domestic Rabbit/ Art Illustration
Easter Eggers Chicken fine art illustration
Easter Eggers Chicken Art Illustration
Hereford Cow fine art illustration
Hereford Cow Art Illustration
Holstein Cow fine art illustration
Holstein Cow Art Illustration
Pinto Horse fine art illustration
Pinto Horse Art Illustration
Saddleback Pig fine art illustration
Saddleback Pig Art Illustration
Texas Longhorn fine art illustration
Texas Longhorn Art Illustration
Texel Sheep fine art illustration
Texel Sheep Art Illustration

Artist's notes:

easter eggers chicken fine art illustration

It felt a little like cheating to start to draw farm animals. But in their own right, they are just as good of subjects as their wild counterparts. All of them, at one time, were wild. Just the hand of man made them into what seems like mundane animals, due in part to their familiarity no doubt. But having noticed that I was getting a fair amount of requests for them, along with encouragement from those around me, I have decided to create a series of farm animal images, that will include the most frequently encountered animals, such as the sheep, goat, pig, cow and so forth. If you have a specific request for a domestic farm animal, or would like information on how to commission the artist, please send an email.

Information about domestic farm animals:

Domestic farm animals - also called "livestock" refers to any animal that has been domesticated or deliberately bred to serve in an agricultural use for humans. Animals are raised by humans to provide food and other products, often for profit. Humans are believed to have started domesticating animals as far back as 8000 BCE in Asia, where evidence of the keeping of goats and sheep has been found. Many different animals can be considered livestock, even fish or poultry, however some do not consider these animals as such. Livestock have many uses beyond providing food for humans. They can be used for their dung, which makes excellent fertilizer, labor in hauling and carrying humans and cargo as well as land management. A good example of this is goats being used to clear grassy areas that might otherwise get overgrown and become a fire hazard. Due to large operation farming, the conditions and treatment of these animals has become controversial, with many groups such as PETA often confronting the animal owners and secretly videotaping conditions in order to raise awareness of the problem. It has also come to that large farms have a very negative influence on the environment, with land deforestation, pollution from animal waste, inefficient use of water along with other problems being raised by various groups.

High res digital versions of these images may be purchased and downloaded. The artwork may also be licensed for commercial use such as advertising, packaging, displays and other printed materials. Please review the license agreement.