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Endangered Wildlife Line Art & Full Color Illustration

Highly detailed endangered wildlife illustrations of original pen and ink drawings.

endangered wildlife fine art prints

Accurate drawings of various species of endangered wildlife; tigers, leopards, rhinos, tapir, wolf, gorillas, bears and more. All illustrations are hand drawn and expertly rendered. All drawing shown here are available in both line art and full color. High quality prints made on acid-free archival paper are available of all drawings in the gallery. If you do not see the endangered animal you're looking for please contact the artist to make a suggestion. Custom illustrations of specific animals can be ordered as well.  For more information and pricing please call 1 (800) 913-7906 or send an email to the artist.

The wildlife drawings are also available for stock art illustration.

endangered animals of Asia and the South Pacific; line art and full color illustrations

Amur Leopard
Art Illustration

Amur Leopard fine art illustration

Asian Elephant
Art Illustration

asian elephant fine art illustration

Asian Black Bear
Art Illustration

Asian Black bear fine art illustration

Bengal Tiger
Art Illustration

Bengal Tiger fine art illustration

Art Illustration

Binturong fine art illustration

Chinese Pangolin
Art Illustration

Chinese Pangolin fine art illustration

Clouded Leopard
Art Illustration

Clouded Leopard fine art illustration

Black-Crested Gibbons
Art Illustration

Black-Crested Gibbons fine art illustration

Art Illustration

Dugong fine art illustration

Art Illustration

Dhole fine art illustration

Giant Panda
Art Illustration

Giant Panda fine art illustration

Huon Tree Kangaroo
Art Illustration

huon tree kangaroo fine art illustration

Indian Gaur
Art Illustration

Indian Gaur fine art illustration

Indian Rhinoceros
Art Illustration

Indian Rhinoceros fine art illustration

Indochinese Tiger
Art Illustration

Indochinese Tiger fine art illustration

Javan Rhinoceros
Art Illustration

Javan Rhinoceros line art and full color illustration

Art Illustration

Kiang fine art illustration

Art Illustration

koala fine art illustration

Malayan Flying Fox
Art Illustration

malayan flying fox fine art illustration

Malayan Tiger
Art Illustration

Malayan Tiger fine art illustration

Malayan Tapir
Art Illustration

malayan tapir fine art illustration

Mongolian Wild Ass
Art Illustration

Mongolian Wild Ass fine art illustration

Pallas's Cat
Art Illustration

Pallas's Cat fine art illustration

Persian Leopard
Art Illustration

Persian Leopard fine art illustration

Persian Onager
Art Illustration

Persian onager fine art illustration

Proboscis Monkey
Art Illustration

proboscis monkey fine art illustration

Przewalski's Horse
Art Illustration

Przewalski's Horse fine art illustration

Red Panda
Art Illustration

Red Panda fine art illustration

Siberian Tiger
Art Illustration

Siberian Tiger fine art illustration

Sloth Bear
Art Illustration

sloth bear fine art illustration

Slow Loris
Art Illustration

slow loris fine art illustration

Snow Leopard
Art Illustration

Snow Leopard fine art illustration

South China Tiger
Art Illustration

South China Tiger fine art illustration

Spectacled Bear
Art Illustration

spectacled bear fine art illustration

Sumatran Orangutan
Art Illustration

Sumatran Orangutan fine art illustration

Sumatran Rhinoceros
Art Illustration

Sumatran Rhinoceros fine art illustration

Sumatran Tiger
Art Illustration

Sumatran Tiger fine art illustration

Sun Bear
Art Illustration

sun bear fine art illustration

White Bengal Tiger
Art Illustration

White Tiger fine art illustration
endangered animals of Africa; line art and full color illustrations

Black & White Lemur
Art Illustration

Black and White Ruffed Lemur fine art illustration

Black Rhinoceros
Art Illustration

Black Rhinoceros fine art illustration

Art Illustration

Caracal fine art illustration

Common Brown Lemur
Art Illustration

Common Brown Lemur fine art illustration

Ethiopian Wolf
Art Illustration

ethiopian wolf fine art illustration

Mountain Zebras
Art Illustration

mountain zebras fine art illustration

Gray Mouse Lemur
Art Illustration

Gray Mouse Lemur fine art illustration

Mountain Gorilla
Art Illustration

mountain gorilla fine art illustration

Grevy's Zebra
Art Illustration

grevy's zebra fine art illustration

Red Ruffed Lemur
Art Illustration

red ruffed lemur fine art illustration

Ring-Tailed Lemur
Art Illustration

Ring-Tailed Lemur fine art illustration

Sifaka Lemur
Art Illustration

Sifaka Lemur fine art illustration

Somali Wild Donkey
Art Illustration

Somali Wild Donkeys fine art illustration

Western Lowland Gorilla
Art Illustration

western lowland gorilla fine art illustration

White Rhinoceros
Art Illustration

White Rhinoceros fine art illustration
endangered animals of Europe; line art and full color illustrations

Arabian Oryx
Art Illustration

Arabian Oryx fine art illustration

Iberian Lynx
Art Illustration

iberian Lynx fine art illustration

Iberian Wolf
Art Illustration

iberian wolf fine art illustration  

Nubian Ibex
Art Illustration

nubian ibex fine art illustration
endangered animals of North America; line art and full color illustrations

Black-Footed Ferret
Art Illustration

Black-Footed Ferret fine art illustration

Florida Panther
Art Illustration

Florida Panther fine art illustration

Hawaiian Monk Seal
Art Illustration

Hawaiian Monk Seal fine art illustration

Art Illustration

Manatee fine art illustration

Mexican Wolf
Art Illustration

mexican wolf fine art illustration

Art Illustration

oncilla pen and ink illustration

Red Wolf
Art Illustration

red wolf fine art illustration

Sea Otter
Art Illustration

Sea Otter fine art illustration

Timber Wolf
Art Illustration

Timber Wolf fine art illustration
endangered animals of South America; line art and full color illustrations

Amazon River Dolphin
Art Illustration

Amazon River Dolphin fine art illustration

Baird's Tapir
Art Illustration

baird's tapir fine art illustration

Black Panther
Art Illustration

black panther fine art illustration

Cotton-Top Tamarin
Art Illustration

Cotton-Top Tamarin fine art illustration

Galapagos Fur Seal
Art Illustration

Galapagos Fur Seal fine art illustration

Golden Lion Tamarin
Art Illustration

Golden Lion Tamarin fine art illustration

Art Illustration

jaguar fine art illustration

Art Illustration

ocelot fine art illustration

South American Tapir
Art Illustration

south american tapir fine art illustration 

Artist's notes:

endangered animals illustrationsOne of the first illustrations I drew was that of a Bengal Tiger. I suppose nearly everyone who has an appreciation of nature and animals has likely held these impressive animals in high regard. One of the elements that certain add to the mystique of the tiger is its rareness and perennially teetering on the brink of extinction. Since that original drawing, I've added some of the extant species of tiger, along with dozens of other animals, including all five extant species of rhinoceros. While adding more and more critically endangered animals (some, like the Javan Rhinoceros, number but a few dozen in the wild and the Mexican Wolf which is extinct in the wild) I've learned a lot about these animals, why they have come to be in such danger and what organizations around the world are doing to help save them. I'm always adding new endangered animals to the image library, but it you would like to see an endangered animal added here, please take a moment to send me an email.

Information about Endangered Species:

A endangered species is defined a population of animals that has been determined by one or more organizations (an example is the International Union for Conservation of Nature) in danger of going extinct. It is believed that as many as 40% of all extant species on the planet would fall into this category. It is believed that there are several species alive today, or that were alive until recently, that have or will do extinct before they are discovered and indentified. Many steps have been taken by local and international authorities such as passing laws that forbid collecting, hunting or destroying the habitat of an endangered species. But these are often not enforced or ignored by local populations of humans trying to carve out a living in remote areas. In the United States, the Endangered Species Act was made law in in order to protect the animals and habitats of the county (species are added and removed as conditions change and there can be controversy and disagreement involving animals such as wolves.) One critical factor in whether a species survives is maintaining the diversity of the gene pool. If there are too few animal alive, inbreeding will occur and the species will likely perish due to negative genetic attributes that are handed down and compounded with offspring. Captive breed programs, protection of the animals and their habitat, education of local populations and the promotion of green or 'eco-tourism' will likely be the only way to save many of these species.

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High res digital versions of these images may be purchased and downloaded. The artwork may also be licensed for commercial use such as advertising, packaging, displays and other printed materials. Please review the license agreement.

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