Tasmanian Devil


Fine art illustration of a Tasmanian Devil. The print is hand-signed by the artist and is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. The reproduction of this original pen and ink drawing is done on high quality acid-free archival paper. Call 1 800-913-7906 for more information or to order by phone. Click here for shipping info.

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Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil line art illustration (click image to enlarge)
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil full color illustration (click image to enlarge)

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Tasmanian Devil Art Print

  • Signed & numbered limited edition
  • Printed on acid-free archival paper
  • Available in 8"x10" or 11"x14"
  • Choose either B&W or Color
  • Affordable quality wildlife artwork
  • Item ships within 1-2 days

A high res digital version of this image may be purchased and downloaded. The artwork may also be licensed for commercial use such as advertising, packaging, displays and other printed materials.

  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Diprotodontia
  • Family: Vombatidae
  • Genus: Vombatus
  • Species: V. ursinus

Artist's notes:

The Tasmanian Devil was completed on 7.9.2014. For many years I had intended to draw this amazing animal. I'm not sure why it took me so long, but when I decided to create a collage of Australian animals I knew that it would have to be part of the collection, being one of the most iconic and well-known predators in Australia. I studied some reference photos and came up with this pose. The collage should be available on my Cafe Press store in a few days.

Information about the Tasmanian Devil:

The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous mammal native to the Australian island of Tasmania. When the Thylacine when extinct in 1936 it became the world's largest carnivorous marsupial. It is roughly the size of a small dog, weighing about 18 pounds (8 kg.) Males are usually a little larger than the females. At this time they are only found on the island of Tasmania, although it in the past they were known to inhabit some of the smaller islands nearby. They Tasmanian Devil is mostly nocturnal, hunting for prey around the twilight hours. They do, however, like to sun bathe and are often observed laying on their bellies during the daylight hours. They are good hunters and can take down prey larger than themselves such as smaller kangaroo. They prefer to eat wombats though, but will also feed on roadkill should they find it. Due to habitat loss and an aggressive disease that is nearly always fatal the Tasmanian Devil's numbers in the wild have dropped precipitously and are now considered endangered.

Tasmanian Devil Decal

Tasmanian Devil Art decal
Click image to see enlargement
  • Available in sizes from 6" up to 60"
  • Made of tough, tear resistant, silk-like cloth
  • Re-usable and repositionable
  • Will not leave a mark or damage walls

Tasmanian Devil Art T-Shirt $29.95

Tasmanian Devil Art T-Shirt
Click image to see enlargement
  • 100% cotton
  • Hanes Authentic
  • Preshrunk and durable

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