Tide Pool Animals Full Color Line Art Illustration

ighly detailed illustrations of various species of animals found in tidal pools.

tide pool animal fine art prints

Accurate drawing of various species of animals that live in and around tide pools; starfish, nudibranchs, hermit crab, anemones and more. All illustrations are hand drawn and expertly rendered. Most illustrations are available in both line art and full color. High quality prints made on acid-free archival paper are available of all drawings in the gallery. If you do not see the domestic or farm animal you're looking for please contact the artist to make a suggestion..Custom illustrations of specific animals can be ordered as well. For more information and pricing please call 1 (800) 913-7906 or send an email to the artist. All drawings shown are available in both B&W line art versions and color

The wildlife drawings are also available for stock art illustration.

Bat Star fine art illustration
Bat Star Art Illustration
Blue Sea Star full color and line art illustration
Blue Sea Star Art Illustration
Coleman's Nippled Star full color and line art illustration
Coleman's Nippled Star Art Illustration
Common Sunstar fine art
Common Sunstar Art Illustration
Giant Green Sea Anemones fine art
Giant Green Sea Anemones Art Illustration
Maroon Hermit Crab fine art illustration
Maroon Hermit Crab Art Illustration
Ochre Sea Stars fine art illustration
Ochre Sea Stars Art Illustration
SOpalescent Nudibranch fine art illustration
Opalescent Nudibranch Art Illustration
Purple Shore Crab fine art illustration
Purple Shore Crab Art Illustration
Red Octopus fine art illustration
Red Octopus Art Illustration
Spanish Shawl Nudibranch fine art illustration
Spanish Shawl Nudibranch Art Illustration
Hopkin's Rose Nudibranch fine art illustration
Hopkin's Rose Nudibranch Art Illustration
Pacific Sea Lemon fine art illustration
Pacific Sea Lemon Art Illustration
Pugnacious Aeolid fine art illustration
Pugnacious Aeolid Art Illustration
Red-Knobbed Starfish fine art illustration
Red-Knobbed Starfish Art Illustration
Royal Starfish fine art illustration
Royal Starfish Art Illustration
Sea Clown Triopha fine art illustration
Sea Clown Triopha Art Illustration
Spiny Brittle Star fine art illustration
Spiny Brittle Star Art Illustration

Artist's notes:

tide pool animals full color and line art illustration

Exploring tide pools is something I hope to never truly outgrow. On a recent trip to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve near Half Moon Bay in California, my friends and I were lucky enough to come across a small red octopus. I had never seen one in the wild, and this chance encounter felt very special. While spending the day exploring tide pools is perhaps my favorite way to spend an afternoon, I had never really considered drawing some of the stationary or semi-stationary animals encountered there. But then I thought a collection of these animals would make a good gallery, and set about drawing them (which I already had a couple illustrations in the catalog.) I'll probably add some more soon, such as the Purple Sea Urchin and more nudibranchs. But if you have a request for a specific tide pool animal, or would like information about having a custom illustration created please send an email to the artist.

Information about Tide Pool Animals:

Tide pools are home to a wide variety of animals, many of whom are dependent on one another to survive. Some common residents are anemones, barnacles, crustaceans (such as hermit and shore crabs and shrimp) starfish or sea stars, sea urchins and mussels and other bivalves. Large marine mammals such as sea lions and seals also visit these areas to sun themselves. But for the permanent residents of the tide pools, they live in what's called the intertidal zone (also sometimes called the foreshore/seashore or the littoral zone, which is then divided into three subzones: the High tide zone (upper mid-littoral), which is only flooded during the high tide, the Middle tide zone (lower mid-littoral which is flooded equally during the period of the tide ebb and flow, and the Low tide zone (lower littoral) which is exposed only during the low tide) This zones can vary in width from just a few feet, or stretch for many yards, depending on the terrain and how the area is influenced by the tide. Because of the meeting of the land and the sea, this zone is a very important ecosystem and provides homes for many different types of animals. Many plants also are able to live in these conditions, as are various types of algae, which often is the only living thing that can tolerate the increasing salinity of an evaporating tide pool.

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