Tiger Line Art and Full Color Illustrations

Highly detailed endangered tiger fine art prints made from original pen and ink drawings.

illustrations of tigers

Accurate drawings of all extant sub-species of endangered tigers. All illustrations are hand drawn and expertly rendered. All drawings are available in both line art and full color. In the gallery is the Bengal Tiger, Malayan Tiger, Siberian Tiger, South China Tiger, Sumatran Tiger and White Bengal Tiger. High quality prints made on acid-free archival paper are available of all drawings in the gallery. If you do not see the endangered animal you're looking for please contact the artist to make a suggestion..Custom illustrations of specific animals can be ordered as well. For more information and pricing please call 1 (800) 913-7906 or send an to the artist

The wildlife drawings are also available for stock art illustration.

Bengal Tiger pen and ink illustration
Bengal Tiger Art Illustration
Indochinese Tiger pen and ink illustration
Indochinese Tiger Art Illustration
Malayan Tiger pen and ink illustration
Malayan Tiger Art Illustration
Siberian Tiger pen and ink illustration
Siberian Tiger Art Illustration
South China Tiger pen and ink illustration
South China Tiger Art Illustration
Sumatran Tiger in Flight fine art illustration
Sumatran Tiger Art Illustration
Fine art print of a White Tiger fine art illustration
White Tiger Art Illustration

Artist's notes:

a collection of tiger illustrations When I began to illustrate wildlife seriously back in the late 90's, one of my first subjects was a Bengal Tiger. Since then, I've revisited the subject of these big cats over and over, sometimes drawing and re-drawing them several times until I was happy with the result. Something about these animals, perhaps their almost otherworldly beautify, the fact that they have teetered on the brink of extinction for so many years, that they are man-eaters and potentially dangerous to encounter in the wild or maybe a combination of all three makes them a great source of inspiration to me. I'm trying to work my way through all extant species of tigers, and will probably add the Indochinese or Malayan Tiger in the coming months. If you have a request to see another subspecies of tiger added here, or would like information about having a custom illustration made please send me an email

Information about Tigers:

Tigers are large, predatory mammals of the Felidae family. Of the four 'big cats' (tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard) they are the largest. There are six extant subspecies of tiger, mostly living in eastern and southern Asia, and three species that are extinct. Tigers hunt large mammals such as sambar, wild boar, deer, water buffalo, other cats like leopards, sloth bears and even some reptiles like boas and crocodiles. Occasionally they will kill domestic animals, which often leads to conflict with humans. Generally, tigers hunt at night, but there have been instances where they've been seen during the day stalking prey. Like other big cats, tigers will clamp down on the throat in order to bring down their prey via strangulation. Tigers have been hunted for centuries, and this coupled with habitat loss has greatly diminished their numbers and sent some subspecies to extinction. All tiger species are endangered, but the most at risk is the critically endangered South China Tiger, with no species in the wild and only 59 in captivity (which are all descended from 12 animals, so lack of genetic diversity may doom this subspecies.) Extensive and wide-reaching conservation programs have helped stabilize the tiger's numbers in some areas, but poaching and the low birth rate has kept many populations scant and on the edge of disappearing altogether.