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Raccon - Stock Art Illustration

raccoon line art stock illustration
Black and white - $49.95

Description: Stock art illustration of a Raccoon (Raccoona johnstoni.) The illustration is available in black and white only. If you would like to have a color version of this image created please contact the artist.
Medium: Pen and ink line art illustration.
Suggested usage:
books, magazines, brochures and similar.
Size: (B&W) 1323 x 2400 pixels @ 300dpi 1.03 mb JPEG File

Tags: stock, art, clip art, illustration, wildlife, drawing, animal, picture, mammal, raccoon, north american, Raccoona johnstoni

Please note: This is a downloadable high resolution version of this image intended for commercial use. Please use the following link if would like to buy a fine art print of the stock art illustration

The license granted by purchase of the stock art is not royalty free. You may use the illustration for a one time use only. You may use the artwork on different projects if they are related (i.e. if artwork is used in a logo, that logo may then be used for all related items such as business cards, letterhead, web graphics, etc.) Please review the license information for more details or call 1 800 913-7906.

Image will be available for download immediately after purchase.

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