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List of Upcoming Drawings

Here's a list of animals that will be added to the image library in the future. If you do not see the image you are looking for
please send the artist an
email to make a request, or for information about having a custom illustration made.

UPDATED: 4.7.2014

  • American Desert Tarantula
    Black-Tailed Deer
    Common Five-Lined Skink
    Eastern Fence Lizard
    Eastern Spadefoot
    Eastern Ratsnake
    Fennec Fox
    Greek Tortoise
    Green Moray Eel
    Mandarin Fish
    Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog
    Northern Watersnake
    Orchid Mantis
    Rainbow Lorikeet
    Sage Grouse
    Secretary Bird
    Sharp-shinned Hawk
    Southern Cricket Frog
    Spotted Skunk
    Surf Scooter
    Tasmanian Devil
    Velvet Ant
    White Lipped Tree Frog
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